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SPL Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. firmly believe that human assets cannot be depreciated unlike other assets. It must be appreciated over entire tenure and so training is considered as an investment not a cost.


TRAINING is catalytic in any Man Management Matrix for Cohesiveness, Compatibility and Cooperation in every organizational endeavour. The target of the process is the overall improvement of the individual.

Our Industry aligned SKILLING enable us to certify the new hires at a faster rate, thereby boosting the productivity.

Regular UPSKILLING helps to Train, Retain and Retrain the Employees. We strongly believe in the changing landscape of skill-based curriculum pertaining to the industry. We shall be a great leader in providing learning and assessment solutions for enhancing employability of graduates.

Training Objectives:

  To provide application-oriented learning to the learners for making them job-ready.

  To bring live industry exposure experiences to improve employability of all learners.

  To present the unmatched capabilities in Engineering and Construction.

  To fill the skill gap and enhance the professional skills of the individuals.


DEVELOPMENT is to emphasize the conceptual skills of the employee which helps in achieving maturity.

Development Objectives:

 A culture of continuous learning and performance improvement.

 A commitment for developing and retaining the talents of our workforce.

 A continuous approach to accomplish excellence whilst providing growth opportunities


TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT are an integral element of strategy acquiring a highly skilled work force. Thus, productivity through training is recognized in ensuring the long-term success and profitability of businesses. It becomes the tool for HRD

  To Improve the efficiency of employees

  To minimize wastage of Time and Money

  To achieve optimum performance

  To build career and reduce absenteeism

  To prepare workforce for future challenging work